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《Qatar 2022》 The teams’ chances of winning the cup, Eto’o amazed at Cameroon’s position. #jmartinpromo


The Indomitable Lions are determined to do well at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot),Samuel Eto’o Fils is just as much. He swears only by the final coronation. The former Barça player does not intend to accompany the Cameroonian players to Qatar in the shoes of an expiatory victim.

Only, as usual, statistics and forecasts are already beginning to point the nose. According to a ranking made public, Cameroon has absolutely no chance of reaching the final and winning the cup.

The ranking, relayed by Actu Cameroun, attributes 0% chance to the Cameroonian national team. On the other hand, Senegal has a 0.19% chance of winning the World Cup. Morocco has 0.01% and Ghana 0.02%. Is that enough to determine.

Samuel Eto’o Son who dreams more than anyone in the world of winning this cup under the nose and beard of the big stables? No, probably. Football is not played on papers. It is on the ground that everything must be demonstrated. Rankings before competitions are not always reliable.

All the same,Samuel Eto’o Fils knows that the task will be heavy. Therefore, the president of Fecafoot has already started by prodding his players. Evidenced by this strong speech after the match against Burundi where Cameroon did not shine.

I am not happy. You represent the national team of Cameroon. I don’t care who’s in front, you have to do the job. I cried for several years because I missed my World Cups, but I know what problem I had and why I missed them.

That’s not going to happen as long as I’m president. I took this presidency to change things. And places will be expensive, I tell you, not one has a guaranteed place in this team. You have to do your job. Whoever wants to come and wear the Cameroon jersey, he does his job when he is in this team. Otherwise he does not come and I will be happy. I will play with children.

I sat there 26 years like you, I know what you think you say, “that’s a bastard”, but I was the best sitting there. And I know why I failed and today I am the president. I will give you everything, even my life so that you are in the best conditions. And fight with everyone to put you in the best conditions.

You sit there, you don’t know what fights I’m leading behind. But when we come it’s Cameroon guys. Cameroon for me there is nothing more beautiful. I will give my life for Cameroon. I have great esteem for my country. And I’ll get where I’m going. With you or without you. If you want to be on this journey you gotta get moving guys. Because for this World Cup, don’t be sure that you will be in this list. If that’s what I saw today, you won’t be on this list.

I need more, much more. Because I dream of winning this World Cup. All the problems I have known as a player will not be repeated. And my first choice is first of all a humanly good group. My group must be happy to live together. As soon as it does, we’re going to win guys. Whoever wants to come here is according to the rules of Fecafoot.


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